Frequently asked questions

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Yes, free trial sessions are available upon request, so our students gain a useful idea about how our courses are presented.

Yes. Even though we teach non-Arabic speakers, we make sure our instructors are natives, so all nuances of language are covered and thoroughly understood.

We accept all students regardless of their age. Everyone deserves quality learning, especially young children as they are our nation’s future.

Our academy’s main objective is establishing a good and knowledgeable Muslim. You and your children will benefit tremendously from our exceptional curricula.

Everyone in need of a beneficial and convenient course. We target non-Arabic speakers all over the world and Arabs living outside the Middle East.

Whatever your demands are, you can arrange any number of classes per week to suit your needs and fulfil your learning objectives.

Yes, of course. We value our students’ comfort and privacy. Therefore, we assign female instructors to teach female students whatever their age.

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